We work with individual investors to complete a comprehensive Financial Plan & Retirement Plan Analysis. We will assist you in completing an Investor Profile Questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance. We will help you determine an appropriate mix of asset classes to build a properly diversified asset allocation for your portfolio. Together, we will rebalance the portfolio on a regular basis to help keep your allocation in line with your investment objectives.

Prudent Investment Process

We serve as fiduciaries on the advisory accounts we manage. Through the Fi360 Score System we consider 11 separate data points when determining the appropriateness of money managers. We use watch lists and predetermined parameters to make changes to money managers on accounts which we have been delegated discretionary authority. We use a prudent investment process consistently applied using the highest global fiduciary standards.

Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement is the corner stone of a prudent investment process. It defines your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and income needs. It lists the asset classes you want to hold in your account and the allocation of those asset classes. We will help you prepare an Investment Policy Statement and manage your account according to the guidelines in the IPS.

We encourage you to review the Questions to Ask Your Advisor under About Us to learn more about our investment process and the difference between a fiduciary and traditional brokers, registered representatives and advisors.

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